Content Delivery Network Explained

  • Each computers works toward a common goal.
  • The end-user of the systems views the results as a single unit.
  • The components connected over a network to share messages to synchronize with each other.

Use Cases

Content Delivery Network

  1. When a lot of users try to access the same server, the same time the server getting slower to respond to the requests.
  2. Farther the user is from the server will affect the response receiving time.
Comparison with CDN vs. without CDN —

⚠️ Fault-Tolerant

How CDN data center works —

🕐 Highly Available

♻️ Recoverable

📌 Consistency

🛠 Scalability

🔮 Predictable Performance

🔐 Security

Google Cloud CDN

GCP Network Infrastructure — Google Cloud
Use Case Diagram — Google Cloud

Other CDN Providers

  • Cloudflare provides the most powerful CDN service with more than 180 data centers around the world. Additionally, it defends your application from Distributed Denial of Service aka DDoS attacks and malicious content.
  • StackPath (previously MaxCDN) is a CDN service for WordPress websites.
  • cdnjs & jsDeliver are specific CDN networks for serving JavaScript and CSS libraries.
  • Google Fonts also a kind of CDN that specifically serves fonts for websites.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the CloudFront as their cloud applications and also other use cases.
  • Microsoft provides Azure CDN services to its cloud platform customers.
CDN Service Performance Statistics —




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